If you are in business for yourself, you need a book. And you need a business ghostwriter.

I recently wrote an article for my site that I thought would be a good way of letting you know these three vital things:

  • A book functions much like a brochure these days, or a business card, in that it makes it clear that you are an authority in your field.
  • There are creative ways you have never thought of to put your book to work to make sales using the Internet.
  • As a business ghostwriter, I know the ins and outs of writing, yes … but also the secrets of making online marketing work for YOU.

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Consider this all-too-common story:

Sam, a business consultant, meets Mary, a chiropractor. They talk. Explaining that he has a system that will help her build a thriving practice quickly, he hands her his business card. They set an appointment.

She likes him. And yes, she agrees that she needs his services.

But then Mary meets Carla, who is likeable and lively . . . and also a business consultant. Instead of handing her a business card, Carla hands Mary an authoritative book she has authored on innovative strategies for building a faithful clientele quickly.

Which of these two consultants do you think Mary is more likely to do business with?

Next question: Which are you? Are you a Ben, or a Carla? Do you have a book that sets you up as the authority in your field of expertise? If not, chances are you’re losing business to a competitor who does.

Let’s rectify that. I’ll write your book for you.

Plus – and this is a BIG PLUS – I’ll show you a big secret as to how you can use the Internet to put your book to work for you.

Almost no one is doing this. But soon, everyone will be doing it. By then, though, you will be established. It’s the early bird that gets the sales.

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You need a business ghostwriter who knows the ins and outs of writing and marketing your book to bring more sales to your business, including creative use of the Internet. Don’t settle for less.

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